Learn guitar online with an experienced guitar teacher

Online lessons are a great, fun and easy way to learn guitar, and best of all it’s from the convenience of your home. 

Lessons are one on one, and getting started is as simple as booking a time that suits you for your session.

All you need is your instrument and your computer, or a device such as your phone or an iPad. 

All ages are welcome. Whether you're a beginner just starting out, or you are an advanced student wanting to further develop your skills, having lessons with an experienced teacher will help you to fast track your playing. 

With so many online resources available, it can be really helpful to have an experienced teacher work with you one on one to point you in the right direction and to give you direct feedback, show you how to do things the best way, and cut through all the confusion, so you can get right into playing. 

I take a pragmatic and step by step approach to learning and the lessons are tailored to each student's individual needs and requirements. 

I have worked as a music tutor since 2002, which has included teaching guitar at various schools, conservatoriums and universities. 

I have extensive experience teaching students of all ages and at many different levels, from beginner to advanced - which has included working as a specialist examiner and performance teaching fellow at the Australian National University for Bachelor of Music students. 

In addition to nearly 20 years teaching guitar, I have over 5 years experience teaching online and have helped thousands of students all over the world. 

You can book a one off session whenever you like, or you can lock in a regular time each week, fortnight or whatever suits you. 

Simply get in touch to find out more and to book a session.

Thanks for that last night... that simple adjustment of my hand position and paying more attention to where my arm crosses the body have made a big difference! If only someone had pointed these things out maybe twenty years ago... :)”

— Chris S. (Ontario, Canada)